Custom Design

According to your firms theme and using the elements you want, such as your logo, web address or a picture you like, we design a custom Necko for you or your company to be used as a promotional product or as a gift. Our designs are not to be worn once and tossed away, we are designing products which your customers would want to wear all the time. You can see some of our custom designs below.

  • Uludag University

  • Bosch

  • Nilüfer City Hall

  • Ulusan Motocycle

  • Alpin Outdoor

  • Balıkadam Sardine Run

  • Provezza Sailing Team

  • Kite Maximum

  • BMW Rider Academy

  • Eskişehir Outdoor Sport

  • Acil Pedal

  • Rota Outdoor

  • Crazy Cycle

  • Ankara Hiking Trecking

  • Yedikule Hayvan Barınağı

  • ByCemöz

  • K2 Outdoor

  • Start Motor

  • Patika Outdoor

  • Bursa Enduro