About Us

Who is Necko Headwear? 

The Story of Necko Headwear begins in early 2014 as a collaboration of a few old friends, classic "Y Generation" story.

Necko Headwear took big steps in short time with hard research and development, most importantly we learned a lot in our short journey. Now, we are distributing our Necko's produced with great enthusiasm all around Turkey. We are producing promotional Neckos for communities, groups, big and small corporations. We are happy, because every Necko we produce is a symbol of success for us.

We thank everyone supporting us in our journey and also the reptile "Gecko" which is our logo and brand name. 

Ok, What is 'Necko'? 

Our product is produced from 100% poliester microfiber fabric with no stiches. Necko can be used as bandana, scarf, scullcap, beret, balaklava, headband, armband, dust mask, windstopper and much more. 

Necko is not a seasonal wear, with the help of its breathing fabric, it protects the wearer from cold in the winter and from sun in the summer especially for people with outdoor hobbies or jobs. Necko is lightweight and can fit any small travel bag or your pocket.

The printings of Necko are tested for sun, washing and stain removers, none was able to remove the pattern of a Necko.

In short a Necko is what you want it to be, enjoy wearing our products.